About Us

Our Philosophy

At Turtleback, we strive to provide people with a peace-of-mind experience. As an American Manufacturer, this means providing our customers with protective carrying case solutions that are built to last. We want our customers to enjoy unmatched reliability and confidence.  

Our Story

As a manufacturer specializing in durable and ergonomic carry solutions for mobile devices, we listen to customer feedback and found the need for high quality injection-molded holsters. 

As injection-molded holsters were gaining popularity, many customers told us about their poor experience with injection-molded holsters as they'd often break and the designs weren't ergonomic.  These products were also imported from 3rd world countries to be sold at the lowest price possible.  We saw the opportunity to take our methods of ergonomics and durability into a USA-made injection-molded holster. 

After much research into various resins, we found a proprietary combination of resins that, together, would be virtually indestructible.  From here, we worked with world-class engineers to design a lineup of holsters that maximized function and durability. From our patented 3-lock removable and ratcheting swivel, to our one-hand designs, our Balastec holsters feature the best a holster can offer.

During the pandemic, we were pleased to learn that customers sought-out our USA made leather and nylon holsters.  Since then, we developed our injection-molding operation in the USA.   We strongly believe that our fairly-priced, unbreakable, ergonomic and USA-made Balastec holsters are sure to be best on the market.



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