Top 5 Accessories for the New Kyocera DuraForce Pro 3

Top 5 Accessories for the New Kyocera DuraForce Pro 3

Kyocera DuraForce Pro 3 is the ultimate rugged device for work and smart solutions for business. So if you’re an owner of this phone, rest assured that you made a good choice.

This phone is really a powerhouse of features and capabilities. But why stop there when you can elevate your DuraForce Pro 3’s experience and practicality with some essential accessories?

Today, we'll take a look at a range of accessories that will enhance the functionality, protection, and convenience of your device.

And, of course, we're excited to introduce our latest addition to the accessory lineup – the Balastec Style Holster by Turtleback! It’s a must-have accessory in this list. Before we get to it, let’s see what 4 other accessories made to this list:

1. Kyocera Bundle – 3.0 PD AC Adapter + USB-C to C Cable

The Kyocera Bundle offers a powerful charging solution for your DuraForce Pro 3. The OEM Kyocera SCP-53ADT Single USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 Wall AC Adapter allows for quicker charging thanks to its Power Delivery system.

Paired with the OEM Kyocera SCP-27SDC Charge and Sync USB-C Cable, you can conveniently charge and sync your phone with laptops, power banks, and more. With UL Listing and USB 2.0 connectivity, this bundle is both safe and efficient.

2. Kyocera SCP-76LBPS 4200mAh Removable LiIon Battery

Ensure that your DuraForce Pro 3 is always ready to go with the Kyocera SCP-76LBPS Battery.

This OEM Original battery provides 4200mAh of power, giving you a reliable replacement or spare option. With a sleek black design, it perfectly complements your device.

3. Slim-Grip Ultra Robust Mount with Metal AMPS Base

The Arkon Mounts Slim-Grip Ultra Robust Drill base mount is a must-have for those who use their DuraForce Pro 3 in vehicles frequently. The adjustable holder accommodates smartphones and midsize tablets up to 7.5” tall, even with cases.

The aluminum 4-hole AMPS base and double rubber ball extension arm provide maximum adjustability, allowing you to position your phone at any angle. Whether you mount it on a wall or the floor of your vehicle, this accessory keeps your phone secure and easily accessible.

4. Bluetooth Wireless Dual Muff Aviation Style Headset by PRYME Radio

For those working in high-noise environments (like sporting events or construction areas) or looking for a versatile headset, the PRYME Radio BTH-800-MAX is a game-changer. This Bluetooth Wireless Dual Muff Headset features a noise-canceling boom mic and padded speakers, providing around 24dB of hearing protection.

With compatibility for cell phones, tablets, and two-way radios, this accessory for the New Kyocera DuraForce Pro 3 caters to various communication needs. The Bluetooth technology allows a range of up to 32.8 feet, and the headset offers an impressive talk time of around 12 hours.

5. Unbreakable Balastec Holster for Kyocera Duraforce Pro 3

Now, we come to the star of the show – the Balastec Holster by Turtleback.

This holster has been specially designed for the Kyocera Duraforce Pro 3 and comes with a host of unique features. The Balastec™ resin blend used in its construction ensures it's truly unbreakable. Its innovative, unbreakable design makes it the only holster on the market that you can use face-in or face-out, giving you maximum ergonomic comfort.

What sets this holster apart is that it's free of any metal parts. This means it won't interfere with radio waves or affect the transmission of signals from your device. Whether you're a first responder or simply want a rugged, reliable holster, the Balastec Holster is the perfect choice. Its 3-lock ratcheting system and removable all-plastic swivel belt clip ensure your phone stays securely in place, and the quick installation and removal design add to its convenience.

Plus, with access to ports, buttons, and even accessories like microphone attachments, this holster is the ultimate companion for your DuraForce Pro 3. It fits all Kyocera Duraforce Pro 3 phones from all carriers, and with a Three-Year Full Warranty and Made in USA label, you know you're getting a quality product.

Buy the holster now!

The Verdict on the Kyocera's DuraForce PRO 3

The Kyocera's DuraForce PRO 3 is the ultimate rugged device for work. Built to endure the toughest environments, its X-frame reinforced structure with non-slip texture and corner bumpers surrounds a scratch- and shatter-resistant display. MIL-STD-810H tested and IP68 rated, it's dust and waterproof, while HazLoc certification ensures protection in hazardous environments.

With powerful performance, DuraForce PRO 3 features physical, programmable buttons, loud front-facing stereo speakers with noise cancellation, and an ultra-durable removable battery. Capture real-time data in the field with its 64MP main, 16MP ultra-wide, and 2MP macro lenses, and enjoy blazing-fast 5G connectivity for seamless sharing. Additionally, DuraForce PRO 3 supports Private 5G Network and 5G Standalone, ensuring low latency and ultra-fast speeds.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi with WPA3 encryption keeps businesses connected and secure. Dual-frequency GPS and enhanced security features add to its value. With Kyocera's Standard 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, DuraForce PRO 3 is the perfect choice for businesses seeking reliable and rugged devices.


With these fantastic accessories for the New Kyocera DuraForce Pro 3, you can take your device’s experience to a whole new level. From power and protection to hands-free communication and easy access on the go, these accessories have got you covered.

And don't forget to check out our Balastec Style Holster – the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and innovation.

So, gear up and make the most of your DuraForce Pro 3 with these top-notch accessories. Explore the possibilities and enjoy a seamless, enhanced mobile experience!

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