The New Unbreakable Balastec Belt Clip Holster for Apple iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus with Otterbox Commuter

If you work in demanding professions like firefighting, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and managerial roles, the nature of your work requires you to move a lot. So it’s common to drop the phone and break it. And when the phone is an ~$1,000 iPhone 13/14 Pro Max/Plus, it doesn’t only break the phone: It breaks your heart too!

Sure, you can cover your expensive iPhone with an Otterbox Commuter case. And we agree, Otterbox cases are good for protection. And to maximize protection, you must carry it with our new virtually unbreakable Balastec belt clip holster for Apple iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus.

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Our holster serves as a lifeline for all kinds of professionals, ensuring seamless communication and access to important ports and buttons.

Crafted by Turtleback in the USA and made of virtually unbreakable Balastec™ resin, this phone case surpasses all others. Our state-of-the-art patented phone belt clip holster features a triple-lock system, guaranteeing unparalleled security for your device that’s fitted with an Otterbox Commuter case. We have designed it ergonomically to insert/remove your phone with one hand.

With our innovative swivel clip system, the holster locks firmly into place and can be easily removed by spinning the clip upside down, allowing you to effortlessly lift your phone off the belt clip. To meet your needs and preferences, we also provide a few other clip options including belt loops, 2.25" duty belt clips, and more.

You Need This Holster: Here’s Why

The rugged nature of your work environment demands a holster that can protect your expensive iPhone 13/14 from accidental drops and damages even when it’s covered with an Otterbox Commuter case.

That's where our Balastec Holster comes into the picture, offering a virtually unbreakable design coupled with user-friendly features.

Let's dive into the details of this exceptional holster and explore why it stands out among the competition.

Virtually Unbreakable for Unmatched Durability

The Balastec Holster is crafted from our  proprietary Balastec™ resin blend, making it virtually unbreakable. Designed by keeping the iPhone 13/14 and Otterbox cases’ dimensions in mind, this holster ensures the utmost protection for your smartphone.

With a 3-lock system, it provides a secure grip, giving users peace of mind even in the most demanding work situations. The Balastec Holster is the epitome of ruggedness and durability, setting it apart from other phone holsters on the market.

Removable Swivel Belt Clip for Convenience

Balastec's patented swivel clip system is a standout feature of the Holster. The belt clip ratchets into position, keeping the phone securely attached to the belt. Additionally, the clip is fully removable, allowing users to lift the phone off the belt clip effortlessly.

Whether you need a holster with a swivel clip or prefer alternative clip options like belt loops or 2.25" duty belt clips, Balastec. has you covered. This versatility ensures that the holster adapts to your individual preferences and work requirements.

Superior Design

To create a truly exceptional holster,Balastec kept in mind the dimensions of iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus and Otterbox Commuter cases. We leveraged our expertise in durable smartphone holsters and created a holster that showcases a thoughtful, functional, and rugged design.

Taking customer feedback into consideration, the Balastec Holster ensures both user comfort and the safety of the iPhone 13/14. Installing and removing the holster is a breeze, thanks to the one-handed quick installation and removal feature, which only requires you to press the large tab on the top.

Furthermore, the holster allows users to attach various accessories, such as microphones and chargers, without compromising on functionality. Access to buttons and ports is available even while the phone is inside the case, which maximizes convenience.

Three-Year Full Warranty and American Craftsmanship

We take pride in our holsters, firmly believing they are the best in the market.

To support this claim, the Balastec Holster comes with an impressive three-year warranty. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that users like you can rely on the holster's durability and performance for an extended period.

Furthermore, the Balastec Holster is proudly made in America, showcasing our brand's dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Compatibility with iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus

The Balastec Holster is designed to be compatible with iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus across major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Regardless of whether you're a firefighter, EMT, police officer, or hold a managerial position, this holster offers the toughest protection and most ergonomic design features for your iPhone. It is the ultimate heavy-duty belt clip holster that you can trust to keep your device safe and secure in any demanding situation.


When it comes to protecting your iPhone 13/14 Pro Max & Plus with an Otterbox Commuter case, the Balastec Holster by Turtleback. is unmatched in its durability, functionality, and user-friendly design.

With its virtually unbreakable construction, removable swivel belt clip, highest quality proprietary Balastec™ Plastic, three-year warranty, and American craftsmanship, this holster offers a level of quality and reliability that professionals can depend on.

Whether you work in a high-risk environment or manage a team that relies on constant communication, investing in the Balastec Holster is a decision that ensures your iPhone 13/14 stays intact, operational, and accessible.

Don't compromise on the safety and usability of your device—get the Balastec Holster today and experience the ultimate in protection and convenience.

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